Who Else Wants To Enjoy Athletic fashion?!

The past year Athleisure has really taken off and more people are including that into their everyday attire. As I did my research, the athletic wear is not slowing down. Designers and corporate stores are coming out with their own line of Athleisure. Stores that I never thought would, like: JCrew, White House Black Market, Forever 21, American Eagle, and the list goes on. All of these stores are very well known for their casual to dressy attire and they are following the fashion trend to introduce their own Athleisure lines.

In my personal opinion, I think that it is great. I mean who doesn’t like to be comfy all day long, while still looking cute?

Another trend I am seeing with Athleisure is making it look “Athluxury”. People are wearing joggers with pumps and a button-down shirt, or a blazer with leggings and booties. Both of these looks are great for a night out with girl friends or a casual day around town.

Since it is the beginning of 2017 (still can’t believe it), everyone is looking for new workout clothes to start of the New Year in the gym. My personal favorite stores for athleisure are: Lululemon, Athleta, and Fabletics. I will leave the links to these websites below. Each of these places have great quality fabrics and last longer than most brands. Whats great about these are that you can wear them doing yoga, at the gym, around town just enjoying a cozy outfit, or dress them up!

What are everyones favorite brands? Leave it in the comments, I am interested in hearing about new ones that I haven’t tried yet!




One thought on “Who Else Wants To Enjoy Athletic fashion?!

  1. I agree with Lululemon! I LOVE anything that they make. I had a pair of pants that got a hole in them and I brought them to the store where they fixed them for me for free, so I have to stand behind them. My other favorite brands like Lulu are: ASRV (Aesthetic Revolution) https://www.aestheticrevolution.com, and AloYoga https://www.aloyoga.com. Another cool brand that I like to work out in is called Flag Nor Fail, its started Dana Linn Bailey. http://flagnorfail.com/collections/tops/products/f-x-f-white-dolman-top


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