Getting Crafty!

DIY projects are time consuming but can be very relaxing. I used to be super into scrapbooking and would make endless amounts of scrapbooks for people and for myself to look back on in the future. I could say that I was the queen of crafts. I would color in my adult coloring book, make cards for people, and doodle in my journal. All of these were my stress relievers.

Today was just one of those days where I actually had some free time on my hands and I thought to myself: how can I be productive and still do something I enjoy? I went to one of my favorite stores (Paper Source!) to explore what kind of project I should start. I walked around the store probably twenty times and laid my eyes on some blank cards. Then my creative brain started working. I decided I was going to make some cards for people. There wasn’t any special occasion, it was more of a “just because” occasion, which personally, are the best occasions. I mean, who doesn’t like to receive a card in the mail with their name on it? I know I do!

Fast forward a couple of hours, I sat at my desk pinteresting some ideas to get started, because who doesn’t look at pinterest for fun ideas? I’m definitely guilty. After gathering creative ideas, I got to work. I dug through all of my scrapbooking paper and stickers and grabbed my favorite doodling pens (MICRON!) to help me complete some fun cards. To some people, this could be stressful, but for me, I felt I could breathe a little easier! Here are just three of many cards, but I hope these encourage those who receive them.


Everyone deserves a hand written note, letter, card in their mailbox that simply says: “I’m thinking about you”, “Hope you have a great day”, or “Hey”! There is something so special about a hand written card that can brighten a persons day. Now yes, we have technology that has the ability to send a text message in a matter of seconds. BUT! We receive those all the time. They are like second nature to us. Getting a card in the mail is rare now-a-days when the message is “Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you!” So…

My encouragement to you is to send a card to a friend this week or month. This could be a friend you haven’t seen in a long time or a roommate you live with. Take a second to brighten someones day with a card filled with love! 

xoxo -A

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