3 Ways to Get Motivated

Motivation is something that many people lack during certain seasons throughout the year. For me, that season is winter. It is so hard to get out from under your fuzzy blankets and step onto a cold floor. But I can’t help from wanting to sleep away my days. Typically I am able to get out of bed and go workout, spend time reading my Bible, or spend a little extra time getting myself ready for my day. But lately, I have pressed snooze a little to much. It is time to start this year off on the right foot and not let this winter get the best of me!

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing. ” -Walt Disney

Here are some of my tips that will help raise your motivation levels and achieve your goals. Whether that is to get out of bed, do your class work, or begin a new hobby.

#1 Make a to-do list

When I say make a to-do list, I mean, make it the day before so you know exactly what needs to get done. What I do is make two columns. The first column is where I write my priorities, the tasks that I absolutely have to get done. The second column is where I write the things that I would like to do. These aren’t things that need to get done but it will motivate you to stay on top of deadlines that could be weeks away. This is so beneficial. Lists lay out, on a piece of paper, what exactly needs to get done and at what time. They help you achieve all your tasks and more. Also, when you write things down, you are more than likely to remember and complete them. For example, I write down: wake up at 7am and make coffee. My next step is either workout or get ready for school/work. To you this may sound ridiculous, but have you tried it? When I write simple steps down, I find myself hitting the snooze button less and jumping out of bed to start my day.

#2 Seek Accountability

Tell people about your goals. Tell a friend about what you have going on the next day. Send a picture of your coffee in the morning to someone. All of this can help you accomplish what is on your to-do list. Ask your friends to text you at certain times throughout the day. Ask them to say the hard things when you aren’t following through on what you said. This has been one of the most humbling steps I’ve made personally. It is hard to ask your friends to keep you accountable. But it changes your mind set and forces you to stay on top of your tasks. For example, I had to ask my friend to hold me accountable because I made the decision to workout in the mornings before school and work. I told her I was going to send her a picture of the gym and if I failed, she was going to text me. When you do this, you have that mind set of: “I don’t want to receive that text and be disappointed in myself.” This alone provides motivation!

#3 Think about the Benefits

When you are coming up with your goals for the week/month/year, don’t think about all the negative aspects of those goals. You have to work hard in order to achieve them so you might as well focus on all the positives, right? For me, going to the gym almost every morning (a girls got to rest some times!), I could be thinking “UGH I don’t want to wake up” or “It’s too cold outside, can’t go!” Instead I think, “Yes, vacation is coming up and I have to look good” and “This will help me be alert and feel good throughout the day!” Turning that frown upside down really makes or breaks your motivation. I encourage you to really think and maybe even write down why you have set those goals and tackle those goals head on.

I believe in you and have faith that you will succeed!

wood background.jpg

Have any questions? Email me and I will help you in any way to make sure you achieve your goals!

Much Love –A

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