6 Hot Spots in Nashville!

This past weekend, some of my family and I traveled to Nashville for my 21st birthday bash! Needless to say, it was fun. But drinking wasn’t the number one thing on the to-do list. I wanted to explore and get to know the city more than anything. The prep before leaving was stressful because I procrastinate and wait to start packing at 10pm the night before we leave. I know what you’re thinking, and I am thinking the same thing. “Why on earth did I think that was a good idea?” Well I am here to tell you that it wasn’t! But I got it done.. no worries:) Enough about the pre-show, when my mom, sister and I roll up to our hotel in Nashville, we could not wait to get out of the car! Six long hours were finally over and we could start the long weekend away. The music city has so much to offer and I will try my best to share some of its entertainment here!

Hot Spot #1: Broadway!

This road is known for its bars and country music entertainment. You can’t walk along Broadway and not see someone incredibly talented with a guitar in hand. There are many fun and unique bars that have a stage on every floor with someone performing every second. This street is where all the action is day or night, rain or shine!

Favorite Bars: Tootsies, Honkey Tonk, Tequila Cowboy, and The Stage

Hot Spot #2: The Boot Barn!

The Boot Barn is just one of the countless amount of cowboy boot stores in this city. This is the home of country and you gotta buy a pair of cowboy boots when you go! I wanted this big boot in the picture above… but the owner didn’t agree. But I wore my red boots loud and proud all along Broadway!

Hot Spot #3: The Candy Kitchen!

This place is located right on Broadway in the middle of the action! I mean everyone needs candy, chocolate, carmel apples, and ice cream! My sister and I enjoyed this lovely big ice cream cone sitting right outside this place, her actually tasted it… I would ask her how she liked it;) But on a more serious note… best place ever!

Hot Spot #4: The Gulch

The Gulch is a neighborhood just 8 minutes outside of downtown Nashville. There are many fashion boutiques and restaurants to enjoy and walk around. There is also a lovely mural that is titled “What Lifts You” that is a big hot spot where every BWG (basic white girl) stops and snaps a picture. I can say this because I am a proud BWG:) The Gulch… 100% recommend!

Hot Spot #5: Belmont Hillsboro 12th Ave S

This fun neighborhood is filled with many murals, coffee shops, boutiques and restaurants! It is the home of Sprinkles, which is a bakery that made national tv on Cupcake wars. Also home to one of the famous Frothy Monkey restaurant/coffee shop and Sloco sandwich restaurant who’s chef won the show Chopped! I’m telling you this city has so many hidden treasures!

Hot Spot #6: John Seigenthaler Pedestrian Bridge

This bridge has incredible views of the Nissan Stadium (home of the Tennessee Titians) and downtown. The bridge is located one block from Broadway and definitely worth the walk. Many people were walking their dogs and taking a nice jog along the bridge.


That was my Nashville adventure and boy was it a blast! I would go back in a heartbeat if I had the chance. I need to find myself a good cowboy;) What are your favorite spots in Nashville? Comment below or send me an email to talk about your personal adventure to one of my favorite cities!

Talk to y’all soon xoxo-A<3

One thought on “6 Hot Spots in Nashville!

  1. Loved spending the weekend with you! Love your blog and all the great photos! Thought Aunt Lisa and I might just get an honorable mention! Xoxoxo – Aunt Nikki


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