How to Pack for Vacation!

Packing for vacations can be difficult. Difficult to the point where you just want to bring everything in your closet and then you are over the 50 pound limit at the airport. Don’t do this to yourself! Trust me, I am the queen of over-packing. But I have developed a system that solves all of my packing issues and I want to share them with you!

  1. Make a list of all the tops, bottoms, layering pieces, toiletries, shoes, and accessories that you could possibly bring and need.
  2. Gather all the items on your list and lay them out. Start making outfits with your clothes.
  3. Eliminate all the pieces that don’t go with anything. This includes shoes and accessories too! *Remember you can where an item more than once*
  4. Make a list of things that you need to pick up at the store. Don’t go crazy because we both know you probably don’t need it. I am speaking from experience!
  5. Once you have everything checked off your list and laid out on your bed/floor, now it is time to pack it. When packing, roll your clothes. This saves large amounts of space for bigger items like shoes and makeup bags. *This does not mean you can bring more clothes with you… I know it is tempting but DONT DO IT! I promise you’ll love me later!*
  6. I like to check off items when I put them in my suitcase just so I know that everything is in the bag. You don’t have to do this but I find it extremely helpful. Mainly because I can get a little scatter-brained, but it is fine.
  7. Now you are packed and ready to go on your trip and know that you have everything you need and you didn’t overpack.
  8. If there is stuff that you have to leave out for the morning before you leave, make another list. Write down everything you need to grab and put in your suitcase before you walk out of your house. This ensures that you don’t leave anything behind and makes you a happier person and not a worried person:)
  9. Enjoy your vacations stress-free and relax wherever you go!

I hope these tips help you become more organized when packing because I know it can be a stressful process. Let me know how these tips help you and let me in on where you went for vacation!

Wishing everyone safe travels<3


xoxo -A

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