The Perfect Beach Wave

The most talked about hairstyle right now are the beach curls. This look is one of my favorites because it is a more casual, messy look but also fun and flirty.

The most talked about hairstyle right now are the beach curls. Us girls, try so hard to achieve this look and either get too much curl or not enough. So how can we get that perfect beach wave without the help of the ocean? Well, from many trial and errors, I have figured out what we all want!

Being in Cosmetology school, I get to play with hair for 40 hours of my week. Typically, girls will come up to me and ask if I can curl their hair. I know what they want, but I always ask how they want it curled because saying “I want my hair curled”, is a very vague question. But their response is always “beachy curls!”

This look is one of my favorites because it is a more casual, messy look but also fun and flirty.

I wouldn’t recommend this for a formal event or prom. This kind of hairstyle is more for an everyday look or a hot date;) It doesn’t take long to achieve because it doesn’t require you to curl every single strand of hair if you don’t want to. For me personally, I like to curl my whole head and it still turns out perfect, so it is totally personal preference.

My tools:

  • My Hot Tools curling iron:
    • For me, I use the ½ inch barrel because my hair is shorter. I have a long bob that comes to about my collarbone. But if you have longer hair, I would use a bigger barrel (1-1 ½”).
  • Teasing Comb:
    • This is my life saver. I have thin, fine hair that is so flat. I use this to achieve lots of volume and I also tease my curl to give it a little more body. (This will make more sense in the pictures below!)
  • Sea Salt Spray:
    • I use the “Not Your Mothers” brand and you can get that from Ulta. I spray this in my hair before I spray it with hairspray. This adds more texture and puts a little wave in your hair. I spray it on and then scrunch my hair like I am putting mousse in it.
  • Hairspray:
    • I use Kenra medium or firm hold. It honestly depends on what kind of mood I am in and how long I want the curls to last. When I know I am going to be gone all day long, I will use the firm hold. Also, I spray it on my hair BEFORE and after I curl my hair! Very important. The curls need texture to hold onto in order to stay.
  • Your fingers:
    • Yes, obviously this is a given, but when I am done curling my hair, I flip my head upside down and run my fingers through it. I do this after I have sprayed my hair with hairspray. This step allows you to get that messy, beachy look.

And that is it. You don’t need much to achieve this look. If you typically don’t use hair product, I recommend you pick some up at the store. It will change your life and help you achieve whatever look you are going for!

The Process

Spray texture spray over all of your hair. In this case, I am using Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray.
I like to spray hairspray all over my hair as well before I begin to curl.
I section my hair because I curl the top differently than the bottom. I am leaving out an inch on the bottom to help me create the beachy look.
You can curl each curl in the same direction or every other. I chose to do every other direction today. (I have done both!)
Spray the bottom layer before moving on!
I am now using the wand technique to curl the top section.
Spray your whole head with hairspray when done curling.
Flip your head over and run your fingers through everything. You can’t mess this part up, I promise!
Tease your hair where necessary!
Then I tease my curls to make my hair have a more full effect.
The finish product!
Yay for beach curls!!

I hope this tutorial helps all of you girls out! Happy curling

Xoxo –A

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