Self-Tanning In the Summer!

I am a big supporter of the sun and tan skin. But, unfortunately, as I get older I have more responsibilities. This means I cannot waste away my days on the dock at my lake house or on a lawn chair at the pool. Everyone deserves a summer glow so, I have tried multiple tanning products and two made it into my weekly routine!


Brazilliance by Tarte

This product is super easy to apply and coats evenly because it comes with a mit. I exfoiliate my body before using this product and only apply it once a week. I usually will make sure I have a fresh coat before a night out on the town or if I have a special event. Typically, I use Brazilliance on my upper body only if I have a slower week because I am always wearing black pants for school!

You can get this product at Ulta!

Jergens Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer

I use this product in the medium-dark shade, but if you’re kind of pale this shade will make you look a little orange (just a heads up). I use this lotion every time I step out of the shower and apply it to damp skin (this makes for the best results). Some people get frustrated because they don’t see the results right away… be consistent and add this to your daily routine like me and the results will be there! I 100% recommend and you can get it at any drug store, Ulta, and target! Here’s the link to Jergens website for information on their other amazing products!


If you are anything like me this crazy summer and want a healthy tan… add these to your “must have” products! Let me know how you like them!

Happy June Loves<3 xoxo-A

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