Modest is Hottest

Today, I sit here very convicted. I look out at our culture and see nothing but revealing clothes.

Crop tops and cheeky bikini bottoms have taken over.

Have we taken a step back and asked ourselves, “Is it really this important to reveal such a beautiful part of our body?” Ladies, hear me out! Your body is absolutely beautiful, no matter what shape or size you are! Is it really that important to attract a guy’s attention by what you are wearing?


Do you only want a guy to want you because of your body? I know I sure don’t. I want a guy to like me for my inner beauty rather than my external beauty. What about you? Lets have this conversation because so many of you are listening to the lies of this world. The lies that say you have to reveal the most sacred part of you just to get a boyfriend. The lies that say you aren’t beautiful unless you have this certain bikini for vacation. The lies that say you need to buy that mini skirt so a guy’s eyes are drawn down. The lies that say you have to wear a face full of makeup because you aren’t pretty enough.

Is this really what you want to believe?

Lets be real for a second. You should want a guy to be your boyfriend because he likes you for who you are, not if you’re good in bed.

From a Christian perspective: I desire to put on the gospel every time I get ready in the morning. I do this by putting on clothing that aren’t going to distract or draw attention to my body. Girls, this doesn’t mean I am wearing a paper sack around town. I am still shopping at the same stores but I am more cautious of how it fits and where it hits me. I don’t buy something that is super low-cut or tight because I want to protect the hearts of guys who I come in contact with.

Now I realize we are in a season where it is super hot all the time and we just want to be in a bathing suit 24.7. Our culture has completely transformed the bathing suit and is telling us that we have to wear as little as possible. NOT TRUE. Girls, one pieces are in. Not the one pieces that are sexually revealing. The modest ones with the cute floral designs. I have gotten so many compliments on mine and they aren’t revealing at all! I promise I am not lying when I say this. I’m not saying that bikinis are bad, but I am saying, is the bikini so revealing that the boys will be distracted? I’ll let you be the judge.

This is a hard topic but I challenge you to change your perspective as you think about what you are going to wear for the day. Ask yourself, “Why am I wearing this?” If you can answer that honestly, you are headed in the right direction. I know the Lord gave you such a beautiful heart and body. Protect it. Guard it. Attract the good guys with your bright smile and great personality!

Ladies! We are in this together. We can do this.

Remember: Modest is Hottest;)

xoxo— A

“likewise also that women should adorn themselves in respectable apparel, with modesty and self-control, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly attire”

(1 Timothy 2:9 ESV)



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