You Are Beautiful.

You are Beautiful.

Here is a truth given to us by God that we believe is a lie. We roll our eyes at this statement because all we can think of, in that moment, are our flaws. We think of the littlest details of our appearance that no one else knows exists and work it up in our heads as this big, obvious thing. Anyone else with me? I have done this for so many years and I am done believing in the lie that Satan whispers in my ear. I am ready to believe in the truth that God “fearfully and wonderfully made me”.

Psalm 139 perfectly spells these words out for us, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made..” In the verse right before this, David says, “for you formed my inward parts; you knitted  me together in my mother’s womb” (verse 13). You were made intricately by the Heavenly Father Himself. Yet we still believe this is a lie when we look in the mirror when we get out of bed.

Both, men and women are guilty of this. We are pursuers of our outward appearance when we should let our inward appearance shine through. We let our brains be consumed by this culture that tells us what clothes we should wear, and how our hair should be styled. When in reality none of that matters in God’s eyes.

Being involved in the beauty and fashion industries, I experience this temptation first hand. It is all about how to make myself stand out and look better. Instead of taking a step back and realizing all that I have and how to utilize what I’ve been given. I struggle with this everyday. I get up and look in my closet (filled with clothes) and see nothing and immediately get jealous of all the people who have more options. When I sit down to do my makeup, I believe the lie that more is better and that I must have this in order to look pretty. What is the benefit of believing this? It leads you and I down a very dark tunnel.

But there is a light at the end of this tunnel. This light is the truth proclaimed to us in the gospel. We don’t have to believe Satan any longer. We don’t have to have the most expensive clothes to fit in. We don’t have to wear makeup to look pretty. We don’t need anything the world offers us to be apart of God’s kingdom. That’s the good news.

Now, I am not saying that makeup is bad or having nice things is a sin. I wear makeup frequently because I thoroughly enjoy putting it on, and I own a nice, material things. But I don’t need them to look beautiful. I don’t need them to make my external appearance and my life look put together.

All you need to look beautiful is you. Just you in your natural state. No makeup, no fancy outfit. Just you. 

Are you ready to stop believing the lie that is whispered in your ear every morning? Because I am! Join me TODAY. Email me or comment how I can help you in this process. Know I am praying for you today and everyday forward!

You are Beautiful! xoxo– A


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